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 (Sold individually by Mail Order  -  Code A)

A delightful little Seahorse adapted from a lace pricking, origin unknown.
The tail is a little tricky but take your time and it will be worth it!

Work in Metallic and Glitz threads for a striking effect.

Stitches used:

Spiral Stitch

Degree of Skill:  Moderate

Time Estimate:  About 2 hours


 (Sold individually by Mail Order  -  Code SMV)

A  dear little Bubble-blowing Fish makes use of all the stitches we show in our Starter Guide.

This design uses a variety of “Glitz Threads.   Use your imagination to create your own colourful version of it.

Stitches used:

Crossover and Stem Stitch
Straight Stitch
Spiral Stitch

Degree of Skill:  Beginner to Moderate

Time Estimate:  About 2 hours


 (Sold individually by Mail Order  -  Code B)

These wonderful creatures make a good subject for an “All Occasion” Card.  

Worked here in Charcoal and Mother of Pearl threads.  

Stitches used:

Crossover Stitch
Straight Stitch

Degree of Skill:  Moderate

Time Estimate:  About 1.5 hours

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