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From either South Africa or Australia

Advantage:     Patterns can be bought individually
Patterns can be sent either as Downloads or in Printed Form
Order can be combined with Supplies and Tools

Disadvantage: Postage & Packing Charge
Patterns are not discounted except when advertised as a “Special”
You’ll have to wait for them to arrive unless you request downloads!


  1. Download Illustrated Catalogue and relevant Price List/Order Form
    -  for Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand  use the AU $ Price List
    -  for
    South Africa use the  South African Rand Price List
  2. Fill in the Order Form  (a short Order Form suitable for faxing is
    also included with the Price List).
  3. Scan and email the order
    (if you don't have a scanning facility, type out the order in an email)
    or fax the order through to us.
    Fax and email Details on the Order Form or on the “Contact Us” Page.
  4. We will now confirm the order (including shipping costs) by email
    and provide you with the Banking details if local or otherwise send you a Paypal Money Request.
  5. Make the payment and advise us
  6. We will post off the ready-and-waiting order and advise you of the tracking number if applicable.

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