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STEM STITCH   Used to form a thicker line

Work Stem Stitch as follows:

Out at 1, miss 1, in at 3, out at 2, in at 4, etc.

The rhythm of the stitches always being “forward, back, forward, back...”.


Used as a decorative stitch - could be worked in the same way as Stem Stitch but it would take a lot of thread and create bulk on the back of the card.   

So instead of “1 to 5, 2 to 6, 3 to 7, etc...”

It would be
  (a) 1 to 5,     (b)  6 to 2,

 (c)  3 to 7,    (d)  8 to 4, etc.

The instructions will say how many holes to miss between needle out and needle in, e.g. “miss 3” for example (as picture

The needle always moves along one point from the previous exit and entrance.

The stitches are the same length each time and when viewed from the back, the stitches will have formed a “tacking” line.

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