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Metallic Threads

Tend to be much finer than the machine threads which makes it easier to combine colours for special effects, as on the Strelitzia or for Tassels on the Fans.

Mettler™ Metallics have a somewhat limited colour range but are smooth and relatively knot free. We carry these in our range of Supplies - 100 metres on a Reel or 10 metres on a Carded Bobbin.
Also available by the Reel from some Bernina shops.

Gutermann's™ Metallic range is quite spectacular, but more costly to add to your stash than the Mettler range purely because they have twice the amount on a reel, so cost twice the price.

Non-metallic Threads

Mettler™ machine embroidery poly threads (which we refer to as "Silkies"), come in a wide range of colours, 200 metres on a Reel or 20 metres on a Carded Bobbin.   We use these almost exclusively.

Gutermann™ has an excellent range of colours - 200 metres on a reel.    Available from good fabric shops and haberdashers.

Madeira™ The new range of machine embroidery threads is slightly heavier than usual and just perfect for stitching cards - a good colour choice but as there is 1000 metres on a reel, a bit pricey!
One of our Madeira favourites is Black/green Iridescent - 490 Used for the Peacock (quite hard to find)

WonderFil™ and Alcazar rayon threads have a lovely silky finish and a good colour range. Unfortunately few haberdashers in South Africa carry these products - if you do find them, we can recommend them!

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