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Embroidery Skein Threads

The texture is slightly fluffy and they lack sheen but the colourings are rather attractive.

In particular, Anchor™ variegated threads create subtle variations in colour over relatively short sections.    These work best on the open-spaced geometrics.   We have used them for:

The Wise Owl's Chest (Brown/Cream)

The Unicorn's Flower Necklace (1335 Pastel Rainbow)

Variations on the Mandalas.

Threads to avoid

Anything which fluffs excessively or splits - unfortunately the Madeira Glamour™ thread (which comes in a lovely range of colours) can't take the friction caused by pulling it through the holes, so it is not recommended for cards.

Lurex single strand - this is not a thread as such, but actually a strand of plastic without the addition of entwined thread. It stretches when used, knots and can be difficult to control.

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